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Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing Strategy – Important Tips To Consider

Mobile marketing is known as the art of marketing the business in such a way, which can appeal to the mobile device users. While done properly, mobile marketing is capable of offering the clients or potential clients time and location sensitive and personalized information as per their exact requirements and whenever they need even in case they are on the go.

These days, public is using mobile like an important element of their daily life and as the online marketer, it is necessary to get onboard. Your audiences are those, who decide the marketing strategies that you have to incorporate. Things that justifies for a target base possibly will not act with another, and this is the reason why you must take this in consideration while planning the strategy for mobile marketing.

According to Google, around 60% of the searches directly come from mobile gadgets. The score is enormous and therefore it is important to optimize the contents for getting a great mobile experience.

To begin with, it is necessary to arrange a small assessment and ask public the way they make use of their mobile devices. This will assist you to prepare the strategies. Now let’s have a look at the simple questions that you must ask in the survey:

  1. Types of mobiles that one use
  2. Types of matter that the user consumes on the mobile device
  3. From where they access to content with the tablet or phone

The information that you obtain from the survey would guide you further. Here are some steps that you can consider to boost up the strategy for mobile marketing like ever before:

Rule 1: Decide The Audience to Target

Find Target Audience
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So, the first rule is to find out your aimed audience and then map their behavior. The majority of online businesses have more than a single type of audience. It is important for you to decide the behavior, demographics, and inclinations of the potential aspired audience before beginning any activity related to mobile marketing.

Identifying the target audience can be helpful for you to:

  • Decide while mobile channel actually justifies any specific audience base
  • Decide the delivery strategies and tones for the mobile messages
  • Decide the type of content that you have to create
  • Understand the place where the buyers get the information and how would they like to consume the information on any mobile device

Rule 2: Identify With the Client Life-Cycle

Customer Lifecycle

When you have recognized the potential target audience, next thing that you would need to do is to decide the client life-cycle. This will assist you in deciding the total decision making procedure during the procurement of any services or products. Through the client life-cycle, now you will be able to speak to the clients directly at any point of commitment.

The procedure of client life-cycle includes:

  • Research
  • Awareness
  • Sale
  • Advocacy
  • Feedback

Rule 3: Decide The Goals

Set Goal For Marketing
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After deciding the aimed audience and mapping the life cycle out, then you have to decide your goals. Preparing a mobile strategy would be a complete part of your enterprising goal and this must match up to the overall business of your company. The main thing to come up with a successful strategy of mobile marketing is to identify the things that you are liable for mobile engagement. Then ask:

  • Are you presently applying responsive design in the marketing materials?
  • Are you presently using any push notifications?
  • Do you presently have any mobile app?

These questions will enable you to decide the goals.

Rule 4: Decide The KPIs

Key Performance Indicator Info-graphic
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Next thing to do is to set the KPIs or the Key Performance Indicators after deciding the marketing targets. Whilst there are a number of probable KPIs, you can consider client engagement to be the most important aspect. This is also one of the main parameters to decide the accomplishment of your mobile activities.

And how is it measured? So, here are some important aspects that you must consider to decide the main KPIs.

  • Numbers of the app downloads
  • New clients and contacts attributed to the mobile
  • Total figure of mobile users
  • High conversion rates
  • Spend on every mobile customer
  • In app purchases
  • Client lifetime worth of the mobile users
  • Closed sales that are connected to the mobile contacts

Rule 5: Incorporate In a Total Strategy

Total Strategy For Business
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Next thing you have to think about is how the overall marketing initiatives can fit into your mobile marketing strategy. To do this, visit to marketing calendar and decide how different other channels are actually communicating with the present clients as well as the prospective client base. Then deliver a synchronized client experience around all the channels, which the clients actually use.

In case you are using any type of mobile notification, the set the frequency of communication. Also, make it sure that all the interactions are in proper sync. Then prepare one marketing calendar that records all of your marketing actions taking place around channels at a place.

Here are some other tips that can be counted on:

  • Be clear and concise: While it comes to mobile marketing, it is necessary to keep things simple. Users are prone to scroll past the crowded and cluttered ads.
  • Optimize for local: Make sure that you keep in mind that most of the mobile searches are made by local people. Therefore optimize your mobile marketing strategy as local mobile marketing to ensure that you are aligning with the queries of local users.
  • Benchmark the results: Experimenting is good, but you must not try new techniques all the time in case you don’t track the results to find out the things that are actually working for you and what are not.


To communicate with your clients on a daily basis, it is important to add mobile as a vital part of the overall marketing strategy. And to come up with mobile campaigns, which are compelling and engaging, you have to produce a strategy, which shapes the condition of your online business venture in an effective way.