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8 Effective Social Media Strategies for Business Growth

8 Effective Social Media Strategies for Business Growth

Social media has become an excellent platform for businesses that want to create a good online presence. Besides, there are millions of accounts on social media platforms, which make them a great place to market the businesses and attract new customers. Although growing on social media is challenging, it can be easily done by following certain business specific strategies.

Moreover, there are some businesses with a large number of followers, while some struggle to gain even a thousand followers. The difference between such businesses is that the former one follows all the effective social media strategies to engage with other followers. In contrast, the latter ones fail to follow all the strategies. Hence, in this article, we thought of introducing you to the eight effective social media strategies for business growth that you can follow and step ahead in the competition of growing businesses.

Create valuable content:

Create valuable content

Creating valuable content is one of the most effective social media strategies you need to follow to grow your business. If you aren’t providing any high-quality content to your customers or followers on a regular basis, then you are a big step behind success. For instance, you will see a lot of businesses providing regular content to their followers on social media as it helps to gain attention and attract new customers.

These businesses are doing content marketing, which obviously shows that there is a huge amount of content in the online market. But to make your business stand out from the crowd, you need to create high-quality content, which most of these businesses fail to create. The high-quality content should be easy to understand, engaging, and contain impressive visuals. So make sure you follow these key points while creating the content for your business’s social media pages. If you follow this strategy, you will receive a high click-through rate, traffic on the website, social shares, and high engagement on the page.

Keep engaging on social media:

Keep engaging on social media

The success rate of any business is directly dependant on their social media engagements. The higher the engagement, the higher will be their business growth. So another social media strategy that you need to follow for business growth is to keep engaging on social media platforms. Remember that if you engage with others, you will receive their engagement on your page. There’s no way you can expect the increase in engagement without giving it from your side.

There are several ways to engage on social platforms. For example, if you like someone’s post and want to appreciate their creativity, then you can just share their post and tag them. They will get a notification that you have shared their content, and ultimately, they will thank you for your support. Furthermore, your brand will become visible in the eyes of their followers and grow your reach to other people.

Create more visual content:

Create more visual content

When you compare the interactions on different types of content on social media, you will observe that the visual content generates more engagement and reach than text-based content. Thus, the next effective social media strategy for business growth is to create more visual content that is appealing and impressive for the followers. If you aim to be creative and offer valuable content with high-quality visuals in your posts, you will definitely generate greater views and interactions on the content.

Use proper hashtags:

Use proper hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful way to grow your business on social media platforms. If you find relevant hashtags for your business and use them in your posts, you will observe a great improvement in your follower counts and page engagement. Besides, you can create customized hashtags and start a trend among your followers to increase the reach of your business. Ultimately, you will start getting new followers as they will find your posts and account through the strategic hashtags created by you. This is one of the commonly used social media strategies as it is effective and functional for every business.

Analyze your competitor’s best content:

Analyze your competitor’s best content


The next social media strategy that most businesses follow is analyzing the competitor’s best content and replicating its idea. You can create a list of your competitors on social media platforms and see which of their content has great engagement. Once you find the posts, see how they have used the captions, visuals, and messages to attract the customers. You can use the same idea and create content relevant to your business needs. It will help your business grow faster and find new followers that have an interest in similar content.

Create content in different formats:

Create content in different formats

As we have already seen through the above strategies that content marketing rules social media. You don’t have to stick to a single content format because all your followers will not have the same taste in content. Some would prefer video content, while some would prefer written content. Hence, you have to be versatile and create content in different formats to keep them entertained and engaged with your business. Here are some of the content formats that you can use for your social media pages:

  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Lists
  • Info graphics
  • Podcasts
  • EBooks
  • Interviews
  • Research and Original Data

Convert the popular social updates into blog posts:

Convert the popular social updates into blog posts

Sometimes your random posts would receive great engagement from followers. Besides, you will realize that there is more information on the topic that you can offer to these followers. When such a thing happens, you can convert popular social updates into blog posts and drive traffic to your website. If the content includes any solution to a specific problem, then consider suggesting some services or products to the followers to grow your business.

Organize giveaways and photo contests:

Organize giveaways and photo contests

Organizing giveaways and photo contests is another effective social medial strategy that you can follow to grow your business. It is a fun, easy, and engaging way to attract new people to your business. So make sure you organize such contests and increase your reach to a broader set of audiences.


Although it may take time to see the results in your business growth, you can start following these social media strategies to elevate the process.